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Author Topic: User interface needs improving  (Read 2426 times)

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February 09, 2014, 09:53:06 pm
I have some comments to do with the user interface. My comments are in relation to the iPad version of the app.

Firstly can I just say that the functionality of the app is very good so please take what I say as constructive comments and not criticisms.

The app is what I call a "premium price" in that it's more than £1.99 and with that premium price people expect more premium quality. What the app does is actually quite simple but the screen is cluttered with unnecessary skeumorphic elements such as images of speaker cones. It is also unclear what is and isn't a button and I am still unsure what all the icons in the app mean?

The release of iOS7 and it's new design style is a good opportunity for you to refresh the app with a clean flat new design that puts the key information up front and easy to hand while retaining the functionality.

Another feature that I would like, and I understand the licensing complications, is for the ability to encode in mp3. Would this be something that could be resolved with an in-app purchase? That would mean that people could pay the current price for the Ogg encoding but could purchase the extra ability to unlock mp3 encoding for however much the licence is for.

I wish there was also the option to easily mute/unmute the microphone.

If I get time I might mockup an iOS7 look for koalasan.
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February 19, 2014, 02:45:44 pm
First of all thanks for your comments and critics, they are very welcome!
I am taking some time to elaborate a new interface together with another developer.
As for the skeuomorphic elements: i am not a big fan of skeuomorphism, so i would say that the next interface would be a flat design UI.

About mp3 encoding: i understand would be a great feature, but software patents can be a big issue to manage, even with an in-app purchase. The price would be, according to me, too high. Adding Opus support was a way to answer to the demand of an high quality standard. It is going to be supported widely, that's what i hope at least, because it is a great codec.
Anyway we are not discarding the mp3 option for the future (patents are going to expire across Europe soon, a bit later in the USA.