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Author Topic: KoalaSan 1.2 "Eclectic Monkey"  (Read 5747 times)

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June 04, 2013, 07:21:01 pm
*** UPDATE ***: version 1.2 has been submitted to the AppStore on the 10th of june. It is waiting for Apple review. We hope it will be available as an update soon!!

KoalaSan 1.2 will bring a great new feature, the one many people are asking for: AAC support!!
AAC is obtained via the Apple iOS included AAC encoder. This allows to support Shoutcast 1 servers too. These AAC streams can be played by many popular players, including iTunes, VLC, TuneIn Radio, etc. etc.).

Stay tuned, we're testing this new release and we plan to complete testing within 10th of june and the submit the update to the AppStore.

UPDATE: Version 1.2, as announced, will allow to use shoutcast 1 protocol. Streaming on shoutcast 2 is possible too, but only on stream id (sid) 1: Shoutcast 2 sid mechanism is therefore not supported, this should be clear. Shoutcast 2 protocol (aka Ultravox 2.1) is patent encumbered. So, at the moment, Ultravox 2.1 support is lacking.

A full change-log for this version:
- Adds AAC support (Apple AAC iOS encoder)
- Adds Shoutcast 1 support, Shoutcast 2 support (only on sid 1)
- Fix minor bugs in the stream dump area

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